There is no more beautiful place to be married than Ireland. The raw, wild Irish landscape and easygoing ways of the people are what drew me here 13 years ago, and they have held me captive ever since. A native of Poland, I consider it a privilege to call Ireland my home now and to tell the love stories of its people with my camera.
      Shooting a wedding is like drinking coffee. When I sit with a steaming cup of my favorite black coffee, it brings peace to my day. In the same way, I want you, the bride and groom, to feel at ease with me- like old friends, really. Developing trust and open communication with each other enables me to take the most authentic candid photos, which reflect who you are as a couple.
      I consider it a gift to be able to do what I do for a living, and I look forward to sharing that gift with you. I hope that we will soon be enjoying a cup of coffee together as we talk about the ways to best capture your big day.