When I started my journey in wedding photography, I was told many times “you need to be a much better business person than a photographer to succeed.”
I always quietly disagreed and believed great photography could take you anywhere. It’s taken me to all corners of Ireland and across Europe.
When I got an email from Rangefinder Magazine a few months back to submit my work for their competition, my jaw hit the floor.
To be nominated along with over 300 of the finest photographers in the world was such an honour in itself. Then being chosen as
one of the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding photography in 2019  gave me real goosebumps, it is a pure delight and vast astonishment for me.

I wanted to congratulate all the talented photographers on the list, scrolling through their amazing work was a pleasure.
Please make sure to check a full list of Rangefinder Rising Stars here

Here is 30 photographs from my submission.





Congrats for the nomination! I hope will do well these year!

Congratulations! Great pictures, and this is a huge accomplishment indeed!

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