"... each moment is brought back to life every time we look through our photos... "

"... he didnt have us away from the reception for too long..."

Kind words from my couples

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Mollye & Jeff
Rafal is simply exceptional. He beautifully photographed every single detail (big and small) of our wedding day. He is obviously passionate about his work and went above and beyond to capture each intimate moment. Rafal was also very kind, punctual and quick to respond to our every need. We are very lucky to have found him.

Michelle & John
Rafal was the most amazing person to have with you on your wedding day! He made it so seem less and was the ultimate professional! His quality of work is amazing and our photos came out beautiful! We are so grateful to have seen his work and decided on him as outer wedding photographer! He captured the mood and tone of our wedding in his photos which is not an easy thing to do! So many people have commented on how he captured the relaxed atmosphere and fun of the day! We are beyond thankful to Rafel! Thank you Rafel so much. With love, Michelle and John x
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Saoirse & Darach
Raf is an amazing photographer! He captured our wedding back in September so perfectly. We are so happy with our photos which have the perfect combination of intimate and fun photos. We received a fantastic slideshow of our photo highlights as well as the hundreds of amazing photos. Something we were happy with on the day was that Raf wasn’t invasive in any way — he simply snapped away in the background, so it didn’t at all take away from the ceremony experience. We would highly recommend!

Karen & Mark
We were delighted to have Rafal as a photographer for our wedding in Kilshane House last week. Even before the wedding, he was extremely organised and professional and easy to deal with. On our wedding day, he was so patient and efficient- especially with the group photos! He knew our venue, he knew exactly what shots would make the most of the scenery and the light and didn’t have us away from the reception for too long. All these things were so important to make sure the day runs smoothly. His communication with us was great throughout the whole process and we cannot thank you enough Rafal!
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Irish wedding elopement in Roundwood house, photo of the couple walking to blessing ceremony
McCaela & Joe
Having Rafal with us truly felt like a gift and one of the highlights of our day. He felt more like a lovely guest at the party than someone working the event. He was respectful, fun, easy going. He knew when to interject and suggest things and then disappear, taking amazing shots we weren’t even aware of. When we got our photos back, Rafal’s artistry was confirmed, but we were surprised how many shots and angles he got, and we had no idea how he did that! We had so much fun, we asked him to join us at a pub in one of the local towns. We had a Guinness and talked politics and shared laughs. Rafal is thoughtful, sensitive and an incredibly gifted artist. My friends in the states cannot stop talking about the gorgeous photos. Book him, you will be thrilled with the entire experience!

Nikita & Ross
We booked Rafal as our wedding photographer and he certainly didn’t disappoint. I discovered his work from browsing Instagram and Pinterest posts that I loved and couldn’t think of anyone else that I would rather photograph our big day. From the minute we visited his website and made contact we knew that if we were lucky enough that he was available, we would be in the best hands. His communication throughout the whole process was excellent. His style of photography, the way he captures the emotion in a room and the unobtrusive way he did it was so professional and we felt completely at ease. The finished product was way beyond our expectations and they were already high. The whole essence of the day was captured and each moment is brought back to life every time we look through our photos. We cannot thank him enough for all his hard work in documenting these special memories.
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Ruth & Jason
Rafal is truly a wonderful photographer. He captured each moment perfectly. I would highly recommend him to everyone getting married.

Kate & Nick
Rafal was professional and personable from the very start. I loved his style of photography the minute I saw his website. He was very communicative and willing to understand what kind of day we wanted. On the day, he was a gentleman and very friendly. He was a ninja, ducking in and out of places without being noticed. I have no idea how he got some photos or angles! I am so happy with the results, the photos are just amazing. Thank you Rafal for capturing such amazing moments!

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