I was very excited about shooting Ruth and Jason’s wedding at Huntington Castle.
Almost year before the wedding Ruth told me about her vision, a colourful wedding,
outdoor ceremony and lots of greenery around. Ruth and Jason eloped from Canada,
and their motto was “We had to show off Ireland to the Canadians that came over.”
I have to say Huntington Castle ticked all the boxes for them. It’s such a Fantastic
place for a wedding. Ideal for couples looking for something a little bit different and
less traditional. I can’t think of any better place to get married for such an original
couple as Ruth and Jason. Check the beautiful colours of the bridesmaids, the cool
tattoos, the lads are wearing jeans including the groom. There’s so much more
and you can also head to Onefabday website to read more about their wedding.


i am going to love the pictures. what a venue for wedding

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Michael Hatch

Hello 🙂

I am reaching out to you as me and my wife to be are getting married Aug 19, 2019 at Balleyseede Castle. My name is Michael Hatch and wife to be is Amanda Soper and we are both born and raised in Canada. We are both from Newfoundland which has a lot of Irish similar likes. We took our first vacation alone to Ireland and we fell in love and said that was were we wanted to get married.

We both were looking at accounts and sites for photographers when we came across yours. Not only did your pictures grab our attention but more importantly your style. We both agreed that we didn’t want to be gone for hours taking “fake” pictures that we would pick one of they to like at all. We both agree that we would rather have pictures of the true memories of a documentary style. Of course we will do a few quick group pictures with our parents and wedding party however like your don’t want it to be long.

I do have a few questions;

Would be be available for our date of Aug 19, 2019?

What would your price be to have you there for most day including into the night? We would want you to start around 1130 or so with the bride as they get ready. We will probably won’t need you as late like midnight however would love to have pictures of the dancing, laughter and love that goes on past the dinner. This could be a little longer then your normal according to your site. Do you change for travel and if so would there be much travel for your to Balleyseede.

Would you have a second photographer available for this date? With documentary style I know the important of timing and angle so we would like to have a second photographer for part of the date. They probably won’t be needed as long as you.

What would the price be of the second photographer?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Michael Hatch

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Kind Regards,

Michael Hatch

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