Seven months before Becky and Cameron’s wedding at The Cliff at Lyons we met to talk about their plans for the Big day
and to see their venue. I was amazed by the entire place; I couldn’t wait to see it again in December lit up with all Christmas decor.
Cliff at Lyons has everything, the beautifully designed conservatory, ideal for small intimate weddings to the exquisite
grounds and architecture. If you are looking for a wedding venue with everything under one roof – that’s the place for you definitely.

A few words from Becky and Cameron about their wedding at the Cliff at Lyons.

The minute we visited the Village at Lyons, we were really keen to have our wedding there.
It is an amazing historic location in a unique rural setting along the banks of the Grand Canal.
We wanted to find a place where all of our closest family and friends could come together
from all over the world and totally feel welcome, relaxed and at home. We took over the entire hotel
for two days and it was a wonderful experience – everywhere we turned we ran into friends
and family as the excitement started to build for the celebration itself. It was the perfect venue for
a Winter wedding as it was cosy and secluded and warm and the beautiful buildings
and surrounding gardens made for a beautiful backdrop to our day.

Becky: The whole day was out of this world but one of my most memorable moments was with Cameron,
after the ceremony and after greeting guests, we left to have photographs taken. It was surreal,
beautiful and peaceful outside, Cameron and I were in a world of our own, very in love and very happy,
we only had eyes for each other. There was another moment during dinner, when I realised
we had done it and everyone we love we had with us, enjoying the special day. We absorbed the moment
and took the time to watch our friends and family, the feeling of love and warmth, I won’t ever forget.

Cameron: There are lots of parts of the day which really stick out, hosting the breakfast buffet
and seeing everyone so excited for the day, walking around the gardens and bumping into
all of our friends and family, having a real laugh getting ready with my best man and son
but the highlight of the day for me was when I saw Becky turn the corner and walk down the wedding aisle
for the first time. It felt like time stood till 
as she walked towards me and the entire room of people disappeared
and all I
could see was her smiling face and how incredibly beautiful she looked.

Becky: It is ok not to have a very clear idea what you want when you start. We found for us,
it was a process and our own expectations changed over time in terms of what we wanted on the day.
The venue was probably the most important choice as it influences so much else of what the experience ended up being like.

cliff-at-lyons used to call village at lyons conservatory in the morning poets cornaer room where bride is getting ready becky's portrait on the stairs aith amazind long dress wedding at the cliff at lyons wedding portraits after ceremony


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Such a beautiful wedding and photos

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