I felt a connection with McCaela and Joe from the very start, and was excited to be a part of this intimate Irish elopement.
I couldn’t have asked for more upon hearing their special plans for the day, or their location.
It was very clear how in love they were, and how special this relationship was.
They chose to get married in their hometown of Boston about a month before they came to Ireland,
to exchange their vows in Roundwood House – a truly magical place,
ideal for small, intimate, emotional ceremonies. And of course, their ceremony didn’t disappoint on any of those levels!
There wasn’t a dry eye in the house (including my own) as the pair exchanged their vows,
and I truly felt as though I was a part of something magical. The warm, inviting atmosphere allowed everyone to relax,
feel comfortable, and enjoy the most touching moments between McCaela and Joe, and I’m truly honoured I was able to be a part of it.

private path to Roundwood House.0004-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-houseroundwood-house old irish country house - part of hidden Ireland main door of the house 0012-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house McCaela and Joe arrived to the house Bride standing at the door  entrance and green decor with paintings old paintings showing the history of Roundwood hidden ireland property greeted by the owner of the house flower bouquet on the table 0008-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house back yard and cats 0030-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0027-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0016-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0026-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house walking upstairs with luggage 0028-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house groom and mirror reflection of the bride McCaela is walking inside her room Joe irons his shirt three bedrooms in Roundwood House, Green Yellow and Garden room0042-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house flowers earrings and black dress for blessing ceremony putting on the earrings putting on shoes writing down the vows for their intimate irish elopement 0041-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house mother of the bride shares her joy with daughter 0039-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house wedding Vow from M to J 0045-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house shodow and light Bride Portrait last pre reading of the vow first look on husband to be 0048-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0050-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house McCaela is helping Joe to attach his flower to the jacket 0051-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0052-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house they are walking together downstairs for blessing ceremony 0054-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house old rustic library building 0022-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house on the way to library 0096-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0056-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house begining of irish blessing in cosy library seting diy string done by Mccaela and Joe of this occasionall participants hold their hands 0061-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0064-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0065-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0083-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0072-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0073-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0066-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house  Handfasting with the ribbon is an ancient Ireland Celtic tradition the ribbon joined hands as a symbol of their agreement to spend their lives together. 0071-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0067-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0074-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house groom's tears of joy 0078-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0076-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0079-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house bride cries while saying her vows 0081-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0080-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0069-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0070-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0091-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0087-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0085-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0086-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-houseputting wedding rings onfirst kiss after blessing 0093-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0090-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0092-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0094-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0077-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0095-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0100-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house the groom lifts the bride and carries her over the lawn 0025-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0024-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0102-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0099-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0103-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house elope to ireland from boston 0106-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0119-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house close up portrait 0104-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0105-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house artistic B&W picture in roundwood house elopement 0111-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0110-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0109-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0135-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0117-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in the old ruins 0118-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0115-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0114-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0133-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0132-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0134-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0123-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0131-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house photo from roundwood house intimate wedding 0127-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0124-elopement- black dressed beautiful Bride waving dress from the wind portrait 0130-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house wedding elopement irish photographer 0120-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house intimate blessing in ireland images 0137-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house Hidden Ireland House Wedding elopement in Roundwood 0141-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0121-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house0142-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0147-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0143-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0149-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0148-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0144-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house 0146-elopement-in-ireland-pictures-in-roundwood-house enoying a pint of guinness in irish pub


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Szczególnie ten kadr mi się podoba <3 🙂

Dzięki Paulina 🙂

Great work man ! Well done!

Tom Morgan

Stellar photos, lovely location and brilliant subjects. Well done!

Thank you Tom, much appreciated 🙂

Professional Inspiring and Story Telling your Hallmark Rafes. Well done again.

Thank you Mary. It was a pleasure to meet you! Beautiful wedding and lovely people.

Aidan and Katies wedding 13th November. Castledargan (Aidans Mum). Your photos were loved by all who saw them. Thank you.☺

What a dreamy wedding! Beautifully captured Rafal Borek

thank you Kim ! I’m getting ready for July 😉

Just beautiful!!

These were all so stunning! Congratulations!

Would be impossible to love this more. Your love is radiant and these photos are stunning. So much love to you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amazing and beautiful- like you. 🙂

Pat and Bill Reilly

Ah! Perfect! A thousand joys to you!

Classy, gorgeous and smart. Just like the couple! Congrats!

Przepiękne zdjęcia

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thanks Daniel! See you on Sunday ! 🙂

So happy for you McCaela. Oh lord, huge heart expansion. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Thank you Ashling ! much appreciated 🙂

EEEEEE!!!! so gorgeous, we are in love with your photos and you! We got your email and will email you back this weekend. Would recommend you to anyone!

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