Photo shoot on Slieve League in Donegal was on my bucket list for a long time.
These Irish cliffs are one of  the highest in Europe. Views from there are simply
spectacular. The most challenging for me and also Nile and Maggie was the wind!
Ireland likes to surprise with a little bit of rain and wind, but this time it felt like a hurricane.
We had to be very careful, Slieve League cliffs are extremely rough and hilly. I had to shoot
in between gusts of wind.  I’m still surprised Maggie didn’t lose her hat. The results were great,
not to mention that one of my pictures made it into a world renowned Rangefinder Magazine website.

Sheeps around the slieve league cliffs spectacular slieve league cliffs -photo from the view point outstanding photo of Nile and Maggie on the edge of cliffs - featured on Rangefinder magazine website couple is climing high, maggie is holding her hat because of the strong wind Nile and Maggie are sitting on the rock with the view on slieve league the highest cliffs in ireland behind their backs dramatic view and couple photo shoot at the cliffs stylish couple intimate photo shoot couple is walking down the stone stairs couple cuddling at atlantic ocean - romantic photos eye catching black and picture, elopement on irish cliffs


such an elegant and beautiful work, congratulations!

Christopher Hawver

Nice looking couple !
Great photos !
Congrats !!

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